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Satellite provides Lunch, Dinner, Beverage, Catering, and Educational Services to the members of Impact Hub and visitors alike. Satellite is a place to meet new friends, explore uncommon flavors, learn new skills, and make smiles.

Satellite was founded by Drew Cuddy; Canadian and newly minted US citizen, settler of Catan, and wine and fine food junky. Drew's wine journey began at 15 with a trip to Italy, and evolved into annual home-stays with Italian winegrowers each college summer. He's enjoyed working on many small family-run wineries and across Italy, France, Spain and, most recently with Medlock Ames Estate Winery in Sonoma, California. He is currently a Diploma Candidate with the WSET

Design, Construction, and Project Management of Satellite SB and The Impact Hub provided by Bottenfield Construction

Architectural rendering of the café, above, created by Ukrainian based Architect and 3d artist, Nikita Nikonov.