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Les Lunes - 'Cosmic Red' - Bordeaux Blend, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot - California, USA - 2019

Les Lunes - 'Cosmic Red' - Bordeaux Blend, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot - California, USA - 2019

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The Les Lunes Cosmic Blend is a playful interpretation of the Bordeaux varieties that Les Lunes farms. The blend came about through experimentation with shorter maceration and shorter aging. This helps to underline and showcase the freshness and fruit character that is so explosive due to the sunny California climate and organic farming. It is a nice contrast to the longer aged Bordeaux-inspired cuvees by Les Lunes. **Farming:** Les Lunes manages and performs all aspects of farming at the Millen Vineyard (Cab Sauv) and Black Vineyard (Merlot). Everything is 100% organic, neither synthetic herbicides nor insecticides are used and all sprays are timed in relation to the moon. The vineyard is being transitioned to dry farming. During this transition, the vineyard is watered minimally two to three times a year depending on vintage conditions. Composting and cover crops are used to increase the organic material, life, and vitality of the soils. The balance of the blend comes from the farmers who farm their old-vine vineyards with focus, care, and 100% organic practices. Les Lunes consults on the farming for their friend who owns the Massie Vineyard (Cabernet Franc). This vineyard is given the same care and commitment to organics as all of the others. **Vinification:** All of the grapes were harvested and vinified separately at their own optimal ripeness. Each was manually destemmed and gently macerated at cool temperatures for 4-14 days. The wines were then aged for 8 months in a combination of neutral oak and HDPE tanks at which point the components were blended and bottled without fining or filtering and aged an additional 7 months in bottle before release. Total SO2 was 10-20 ppm. **Tasting Notes:** Cabernet Sauvignon from the Carneros region always maintains a striking freshness and acidity. The Cabernet Franc brings about bright red fruit. The Merlot contributes beautifully to the midpalate. The resulting wine is fresh, with bright juicy berry fruit and a touch of animal and spice characteristic of these Bordeaux-type varieties. (Notes from DistributorL: Cream Wine) --- Producer Notes: Why Populis? Because it's all about you, our friends and allies, our brothers and sisters who want to drink delicious, honest wine. There is not enough wine with soul that we can afford to drink... and we like to drink! We work to find amazing vineyards all over Northern California where the farming is top notch. Herbicides? NO! Synthetic pesticides? No! Organic farming? Always! Old vines? Duh! Complex, out of this world terroir? FOR SURE! And once we hunt down these special vineyards we do all we can to not screw it up -- and by that we mean no additions, no intervention, no tomfoolery-- just straight up fermented juice.
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