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Zaro - 'EAZY' - Refošk - Izola, Istria, SL - 2020
Zaro - 'EAZY' - Refošk - Izola, Istria, SL - 2020
Load image into Gallery viewer, Zaro - 'EAZY' - Refošk - Izola, Istria, SL - 2020
Load image into Gallery viewer, Zaro - 'EAZY' - Refošk - Izola, Istria, SL - 2020

Zaro - 'EAZY' - Refošk - Izola, Istria, SL - 2020

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Refošk squashed, fermented naturally, aged for 1 year in steel, and bottled. Low extract and lip smackingly fresh, with just a kiss of sea breeze. From young vines ecologically cultivated right on the
Adriatic sea.

Wine maker: Matej Zaro
Farming of Vineyard: ORGANIC CERTIFIED
Vintage 2019
Variety Composition: 100% REFOŠK
Total Ha of Vineyard: 4HA
Altitude of Vineyard(s): 50M
Soil Composition:
Harvest: SEPTEMBER 15, 2021
Length of Maceration: Destemed maceration of 7 - 10 DAYS
Fermentation/Aging Vessel(s): INOX VATS
Length of Aging: 1YEAR
Fining & Filtration Methods: UNFILTERED
Date of Bottling: August, 2021

Slovenia’s idyllic slice of the Adriatic, dotted with seaside villages and vineyards, is the intercies of the ancient Refošk grape variety and coastal Adriatic cuisine. This combination has resulted in a wine unique to the region and very useful to have on hand when it comes to seafood. Tourists drink oceans of Istrian Malvazija, but the locals will often opt for red Refosk depending on the dish. Especially if the restaurant has a good “open” Refosk. This is a reference to a wine that does not make it to bottle but instead is sold locally on draft. While ubiquitous to the region, a red wine of this style and function is a rarity here in the US. What other red wines enhance strong seafood? With tinned fish, mussels, mackerel, squid ink risotto, raw tuna, cured anchovies costal Refošk shines. This is not to say it is for seafood alone. It is often the accompaniment of choice with local salt cured ham Pršut.

Zaro Wines are grown on soil with more than centuries-old tradition of the hardworking Zaro family. The wines have a character that satisfies even the most demanding connoisseurs. They are the product of vines growing on the excellent terrains of the hinterland of Izola, already known during the times of the Venetian Republic as the most fertile in Izola. The Zaro family continues to respect the natural resources and has revived the tradition of wine growing. We interviewed Matej Zaro, a third generation representative who dedicated his life to wine growing.

How did the story of the Zaro Wines begin?

Fishery and wine growing constitute a common linking thread in our family since 1348. It all started about twenty or thirty years ago when my grandfather entrusted my father with two hectares of land, on which mostly Refosco and Malvasia grew. With a lot of sacrifice, effort and hard work, following a constant vision, he extended the original estate to today’s twenty hectares. I actively started to take part in the family business ten years ago; I educated myself in this field and today, wine growing is my life.

We are still working in both industries, just like we used to. But fishery is more for our personal satisfaction, and we also want to remind visitors of our wine tastings on the sea (with great views of our vineyards) linking back to our former activities on the sea. Wine growing is certainly our original and main occupation.

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