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der Pollerhof - Grüner Veltliner - Weinviertel, AT - 2020 - 1000ml
der Pollerhof - Grüner Veltliner - Weinviertel, AT - 2020 - 1000ml
Load image into Gallery viewer, der Pollerhof - Grüner Veltliner - Weinviertel, AT - 2020 - 1000ml
Load image into Gallery viewer, der Pollerhof - Grüner Veltliner - Weinviertel, AT - 2020 - 1000ml

der Pollerhof - Grüner Veltliner - Weinviertel, AT - 2020 - 1000ml

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Poller makes a liter bottling for us. It comes from a mix of soils, though dominated by Loess. The grapes are from a mixture of vineyards, many fairly young vines. Organic viticulture, currently in transition so not yet on the label. The wine has more body than most liters. This wine from the stellar 2019 vintage, one that was blessed by nature but then (almost) severely punished by Trump's tariff's and a nasty pandemic, will age well for many years to come. Showing all the best characteristics of a classic Gruner Veltliner, this is as good as it gets for Pollerhof's Liter.

The Weinviertel is really an archipelago of wine islands set in the middle of a vast, rolling farmland. You can drive in it for many miles and never see a single vine. Then suddenly there will be, surrounding a village, nothing but vines. Roschitz is one such vine island in the Western Weinviertel.
A tiny village about five miles from the Czech border, without a single restaurant, it’s as quiet as a hamlet can be. But there is a long Kellergasse, a narrow lane with wine cellars dug into the earth on either side. Most of these are simple cellars for private use, but at least one of them is quite special.
This is Pollerhof. (The winery itself is on another road, which is also where Ervin Poller lives.) It is very simple. Outside, in the back, the vines, in this case Gelber Muskateller, gently slope away down to the main road. It is quite an idyllic place. Ervin Poller is a one-man operation. He works organically (but has refused to be classified) and produces wines from an almost bewildering number of grapes.
While Erwin always worked following biological principals, he decided to obtain certification as an organic producer and is currently in transition and fully certified in 2021.
In short, this is a very busy fellow. The Poller family has been making wine and farming for something over 300 years. Erwin’s grandfather, Johann Poller, began to make wine exclusively in 1920. He would cart his wines in barrel to Vienna, a trip that took three days, sell them, and then return. He is shown on the unique and charming label. Now with about 20 hectares of property, 10-15 of which are planted in vines, Erwin still does most everything himself, including letting his chickens spend the day in the vineyards, fertilizing as well as devouring various insects. He makes for us one of our splendid Grüner Veltliner liter wines, quite full in body and rather richer and more serious than most liters
The grapes for all wines are picked by hand. Only ripe, clean grapes are used for winemaking. Small boxes are used for the gentle transport of the grapes from the vineyard to the cellar. The grapes are pressed with one of the most gentle presses on the market. Stalks are damaged as little as possible and so no bitterness is released into the must. Wines are vinified mostly in stainless steel using his own yeast culture, developed over the years

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