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Tiago Teles - 'Raiz' - Vinhão, Padeiro de Bastos - Bairrada, PT - 2017

Tiago Teles - 'Raiz' - Vinhão, Padeiro de Bastos - Bairrada, PT - 2017

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The wines RAIZ White and RAIZ Red are honest but provocative, influenced by the tale of a connection to the mother land in Arcos de Valdevez. They are born in a place where, as small children, we learned to experience nature, amidst a landscape rooted in granitic soils, exuberant nature, bathed by the cristaline waters of the river Vez. From our grandmother house, we used to look at the landscape where today the vineyards that gave origin to the wines Raiz White and Raiz Red are planted. Intuition led us to pick a blend of white varieties -Loureiro, Trajadura and Padernã- and a blend of red varieties, Vinhão and Padeiro de Bastos. Both sets of grapes were co-fermented and crushed with destemmed in tanks of 1000 litres, followed by a short maceration and light pressing. The fermentation of the lots was initiated naturally, followed by a stage of 10 months in raw cement tanks, in contact with fine lees. In both wines we looked at pairing the freshness of the region with the complexity of live nature, giving way to two genuinely atypical wines. The bottle holds a tale of connection to the roots in Alto Minho, celebrating the values of freedom, thought, will and creation.
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