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Vereinigte Hospitien - 'Trier' - Pinot Noir - Mosel, DE - 2010
Vereinigte Hospitien - 'Trier' - Pinot Noir - Mosel, DE - 2010
Load image into Gallery viewer, Vereinigte Hospitien - 'Trier' - Pinot Noir - Mosel, DE - 2010
Load image into Gallery viewer, Vereinigte Hospitien - 'Trier' - Pinot Noir - Mosel, DE - 2010

Vereinigte Hospitien - 'Trier' - Pinot Noir - Mosel, DE - 2010

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Trust us when we say: This wine is insane. Incredible value. Tons of depth, spice, acidity in perfect harmony. This wine sings. It's a great price too! Totally organically farmed, in the vineyards, all work is done by hand and fertilization is done with natural materials (compost, mulching, etc). Ferments are done natively. Not to mention, this house is operating out of what is believed to be the oldest wine cellar in Germany, existing since 330 AD. YA, Das ist Güt! --- The endowed wine estate Vereinigte Hospitien (United Hospices) is located in the heart of Trier, Germany's oldest city, a former Roman imperial residence and the center of Mosel wine. The figure of Saint James, which adorns the sculpture not only of the entrance to our winery but also our labels, is our trademark. It refers to the Hospice of St. James, where pilgrims en route to Santiago de Compostela found a shelter. Later, the hospice offered the poor and sick refuge. Since our founding in 1804 by Napoleon, the winery is a part of an endowment with a social obligation. In this foundation, which also includes the Hospice of St. James, various social facilities are pooled together today. These focus on nursing and care of the elderly and are still partly financed from the proceeds of the wine estate. Our vineyards, with a total area of about 25 hectares, are located on the Saar and Mosel and are predominantly on steep slopes. They are extremely difficult to work and maintain. But these one-of-a-kind sites provide wines of great individuality and exceptional quality. They come in part from the property of abandoned Trier monasteries, which we received in the course of our foundation's establishment. The focus of our winegrowing philosophy is the treatment of the soil. We are convinced that the starting point for excellent and distinctive wines can only be based on the singular expression of our vineyards. A large part of our vineyard sites were already classified as “excellent”, the highest quality level, in the first 1868 Prussian vineyard classification. Year to year, our aim is to make the best possible wine that reflects the typicality of our vineyards, so that the soil in which the vines grow can be tasted. We use our knowledge and above all our experience to take care of the vines and the peculiarities of each vineyard, including the right time to harvest the grapes. A challenge that inspires us every year anew and simultaneously demands a lot. Modern technology helps us in the vineyard and in the cellar. It helps us improve the quality of the wines even further. So it is possible for us to give the wine as much time as necessary for development and as little as possible to intervene in the winemaking. The aim of our work is terroir-typical Mosel wines with moderate alcohol and with a lively character, in which the entire flavor profile from dry (_trocken_) to off-dry (_feinherb_) up to fruity and nobly sweet wines. Let us get you excited about our “love of the soil.” Our vineyards come partly from the historic properties of former Trier monasteries. These are all VDP-classified best sites on the Mosel and Saar. Overall, we cultivate 24 hectares of vineyard area, 90 percent of which are planted to Riesling, 10 percent Pinot varieties: Grauer Burgunder (Pinot Gris), Weißer Burgunder (Pinot Blanc), and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). Most of the vineyards are steep slate slopes, which entail costly manual labor. We have sole ownership of four single-vineyard sites – an absolute rarity.
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