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Bergkloster - 'Cuvée Rot' - Sankt Laurent, Regent - Reinhessen, DE - 2018

Bergkloster - 'Cuvée Rot' - Sankt Laurent, Regent - Reinhessen, DE - 2018

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The Bergkloster winery exists since the 18th century, and 120 years ago, the current family took it over and is now in its fourth generation. Jason, the son, has just started making his first line of natural wines. They own 8 hectares and have been farming them organically since 2006. Jason knew very early on he wanted to make wine and decided he will take over the winery at some point. By now he is part of a group of winemakers in Germany which are slowly transforming their parents wineries and changing the winemaking for the better. Let’s see how things will evolve for the next couple of years. The grapes for this red wine come from a plot called “Aulerde” which features loess layers, clay marl and a tiny percentage of limestone. The vines are relatively young with about 15 years. After the harvest, they are left for two weeks with their skins to macerate. Once they are pressed, they go for nine months in a mix of oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. It’s a very young and fresh wine with a beautiful violet color and smells a little like a cinnamon bun filled with cherries. A pretty light wine with good acidity, which makes it a very flexible food wine! --- Family & tradition Our Bergkloster winery is located in sun-drenched Wonnegau, the "land of a thousand hills". Our Huguenot ancestors made a living from viticulture as early as the 18th century and took over the existing Bergkloster winery 120 years ago. We are now the fourth generation to run the winery. It is part of our philosophy to preserve and cultivate the long tradition and at the same time to be open to innovations. We are Paul-Gerhard Groebe (graduate engineer for viticulture and cellar management), Cornelia Groebe and our three children - supported by the senior Anni Groebe. Our son Jason Groebe finished his apprenticeship in viticulture in the summer of 2013 with excellent results and gained experience in renowned wineries. He then began studying viticulture at the Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences. He is already involved in various areas of the winery and would like to continue it in the future.
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