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Cota 45 - 'UBE Miraflores' - Palomino - Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalucia, ES - 2018

Cota 45 - 'UBE Miraflores' - Palomino - Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalucia, ES - 2018

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To revive tradition and fully express the unique terroir of Jerez are the goals of Ramiro Ibáñez, the talented mind behind Cota Ramiro is one of the most knowledgeable winemakers in Jerez, the storied region in southern Spain. A Jerez native, he graduated with a degree in enology and spent 3 years working around the world before returning home in 2009. Since then, he has been consulting for three different bodegas, and in 2012 was able to start his own project. He lovingly refers to his bodega as his “_albarizatorio_,” or a lab for unearthing the best that this legendary, white-chalk soil has to offer. The name is a reference to 45 meters above sea level, the point where he believes the best albariza soils can be found. **Jerez **has a complicated and lengthy history. By the late 1800s sherry had gained tremendous popularity in Europe (England in particular) and Spain exported the wines in great quantities, with the bulk being rich, sweet, and not of high quality...and not consumed by the locals. Instead, they were drinking unfortified white table wines made from a wide variety of grapes. However, during this time of extreme growth in the region, most of those varieties were ripped up in favor of the more profitable (i.e. high-yielding) and well-known Palomino and Pedro Ximénez grapes. Ramiro and a few others are determined to resurrect & preserve the old varieties, and he also wanted to make unfortified table wine from old Palomino vines, just like the _Jerezanos _of the 19th Century favored. **UBE Miraflores **is 100% **Palomino **from five different plots in Miraflores Alta (3) and Miraflores Baja (2), one of the most celebrated _pagos _in Sanlucar facing west on three different type of Albariza soils: _Lentejuelas_, _Lustrillo _and _Tosca Cerrada_. Grapes were hand-harvested early September and pressed whole-cluster into old 1,000-1,250L Jerez _botas _for spontaneous fermentation without temperature control, where the wine completes aging for 8 months, including 4 months of biological aging under _flor_. Bottled on the early side in mid-May, this cuvee is meant to be ready to drink upon release (as a “younger brother” to Las Vegas El Carrascal), but you shouldn't hesitate to tuck a few bottles away. 
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