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Dunites - 'Ella' - Pinot Noir - San Luis Obispo County, CA - 2020
Dunites - 'Ella' - Pinot Noir - San Luis Obispo County, CA - 2020
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dunites - 'Ella' - Pinot Noir - San Luis Obispo County, CA - 2020
Load image into Gallery viewer, Dunites - 'Ella' - Pinot Noir - San Luis Obispo County, CA - 2020

Dunites - 'Ella' - Pinot Noir - San Luis Obispo County, CA - 2020

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Ella Young was widely known as the godmother and inspiration for the Dunites. Born and educated in Ireland, Ella was a well-regarded poet and historian of Gaelic and Celtic literature. She later held a chair post at UC Berkley while lecturing at numerous American universities on both coasts. In the 1930s, Ella joined the community of the Dunites and it was through her friendships with iconic artists of the times, such as Ansel Adams, Alan Watts and Georgia O’Keefe, that led many of them to visit the dune community.

Pinot Noir is rightfully one of the most noble wine grape varieties in the world. When grown in the right location and handled thoughtfully it can produce wines that are truly transcendental. With Ella, our aim was to craft a wine that is easy going and celebratory, all while retaining the nobility and character of Pinot Noir.

Glou glou is a style of wine that has gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. I first encountered the phrase and wines while living in France as it described the fresh, fruity and deliciously drinkable wines from Beaujolais. Thus, the term roughly translates to gulp-gulp in English. The style has since evolved as an umbrella term for any fruity red wine that is high in acid, low in tannin, and for lack of a better word, chuggable. Often these wines are made using carbonic maceration or by blending red and white grapes. For this wine we blended white Pinot Noir from Chêne Vineyard with red Pinot Noir from Bassi Vineyard. The result is a wine that is light and bright in color and loaded with cherry flavors. This is a light bodied red wine that is best served with a slight chill and can be thought of as falling in the arc between a Rosé and a classic Pinot Noir. This wine would pair excellent with a vegetable curry, pulled pork, or homemade pizzas. It was bottled unfined and unfiltered with minimal effective SO2 to preserve freshness.

Dunites Wine Company

We are a small wine brand named after an eclectic group of 1930s metropolitan refugees known as the Dunites who settled in the beach dunes of San Luis Obispo county. This group proudly described themselves as a collection of free thinkers, artists, nudists, and poets. Together they shared meals, cohabited a mutual gathering space, philosophized, dissented, and generally allowed one another to live and express themselves freely outside of the cultural norms of the time.

Drawing inspiration for this project from the remote beauty of the coastal dunes and the progressive ambition of the Dunites to aspire towards a clear goal; to produce pure and elegant wines that respect the coastal influence of vineyard sites located on the uplifted seafloor and ancient sand dunes of the SLO Coast. Combining diverse vineyard sites with traditional techniques in the cellar allow for these small production wines to express the distinct characteristics of their sites.

We are a husband - wife team who combine our experiences to craft these wines. Together we have worked for over a dozen wineries and vineyards around the world where the people, cultures, and wines have influenced our approach to growing and making wine.

While we are not dogmatic, we try to adhere to the following guidelines when possible.

Whole cluster inclusion of varying percentages for aromatic complexity, freshness, and structure
Minimal use of sulfur and vinification without sulfites lead towards competition between different yeasts and bacteria
Gentle extraction by pigeage (foot treading!) to release juice from the berries without breaking the seeds and stems
Ageing the wine on healthy lees for protection from oxygen and to promote a smooth, seamless mouthfeel
Maturation in neutral oak barrels to showcase the great vineyards we work with
Bottling without fining or filtration to not remove anything from the wine. Plus, if we have done our job well then these steps are unnecessary

Above all, they should be delicious.

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