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Indie Cuvées - 'Polpo Rosso' - Nerello Mascalese - Sicily, IT - 2019
Indie Cuvées - 'Polpo Rosso' - Nerello Mascalese - Sicily, IT - 2019
Load image into Gallery viewer, Indie Cuvées - 'Polpo Rosso' - Nerello Mascalese - Sicily, IT - 2019
Load image into Gallery viewer, Indie Cuvées - 'Polpo Rosso' - Nerello Mascalese - Sicily, IT - 2019

Indie Cuvées - 'Polpo Rosso' - Nerello Mascalese - Sicily, IT - 2019

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Grapes were hand-picked, macerated for around 6-8 days at cold temperature, destemmed and left to ferment with skins in stainless steel vats for 5-6 days at a temperature of 25-25°C (75-77°F). Then the liquid part is drained from the bottom of the vat and the remaining skins are soft pressed.
The soil composed of sand, clay and lime is a medium-mixture soil. The soils with a more balanced texture are the so-called frank ones or medium mixture, i.e. containing a percentage of sand (such as to allow a good water circulation, a sufficient oxygenation and an easy penetration of the roots), a percentage of clay and a percentage of lime.
The vineyards of Nerello for our Polpo Rosso are in Sambuca di Sicilia (Western Sicily).
Growing method of vineyard is what we call vertical trellis.

In general, Nerello cultivated on Mt Etna has more minerality and acidity than other Nerellos in Sicily.

To talk about the Indie Cuvées, is to talk the very same Indie producers we already know and love. When Christian and I decided we needed some wines that were priced, for the people, and at the same time, the people themselves were asking us for wines priced for the people… we went first and immediately to our most valuable resource: our own vignerons.
Loyalty weighs more than gold in our minds, and we wanted to first and foremost keep it all in the family (at the risk of sounding cultish, we’re not).
It is what our company is built on, to not only support the artistry of our wine makers, but also support them financially. Indie was born out of a pure and honest desire and passion to help many of these small independent vignerons stay afloat in this difficult economy. The fear of losing these small passionate and green farmers due to big business, combined with the obvious lack of government support and protection for small businesses (in this case, farms), is what continues to inspire us to create, side by side with our producers, custom Cuvées that will fill the needs across many hands, from the producer to the final consumer.
Christian and I are committed to following the rules on the home page of our website through this new project, so that our customers and friends can drink assured that they are getting the same quality and responsibly grown juice that our producers all offer in the wide range of colors, prices and countries.
In order to create these Indie Cuvées, our producers use wine they would normally sell in bulk, secondary labels that don’t leave their local area, and in some instances if quantities don’t allow for them to use all their own fruit, will source both fruit and juice from trusted colleagues, friends and neighbors. I always taste with the producers before making the final blends, and Christian has been the mastermind behind the labels and instrumental in understanding which cuvées our clientele needs, in order for us to decide our next “project”, and region we need to focus on.
We hope you enjoy, and look forward to working with more of our producers to bring new and exciting custom cuvees at prices that make everyone smile. It’s not only important, it’s imperative to know where your wine comes from, the trusted hands behind it, and we believe there is no other way to drink.
- Indie Wineries

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