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Koppitsch - 'HOMOK' - Grüner Veltliner, Weissburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc - Neusiedlersee, Burgenland, AT - 2020

Koppitsch - 'HOMOK' - Grüner Veltliner, Weissburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc - Neusiedlersee, Burgenland, AT - 2020

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DEDICATED TO SANDY SOIL HOMOK – what it means Hungarian word and translates into SAND. We only use grapes that grow on the sandy soils of vineyard site SEEFELD. LABEL: imagine, standing at the vineyard site, taking a look at the lake. CORK: from this vintage onward, we will use a natural cork from Portugal only. 100% natural. FSC certified. no glue inside. no plastic inside. coated with natural bee wax instead of paraffine. disposable with organic waste. no capsule added. GRAPE VARIETIES Grüner Veltliner 40% Weissburgunder 40%Sauvignon Blanc 20% – this is a vague guess, based on the size of each plot – VINEYARD SITE Seefeld – sandy soil – Seefeld is situated in the west of Neusiedl am See, at the last bits of solid land before the marshes of the lake start. The whole plot is flat, dry and very windy. Since Seefeld is hot and straight in the haze of lake Neusiedl, the grapes grow very intense aromas. VINEYARDS GRÜNER VELTLINER (3 plots – planted 1978+1980+1990)+ SAUVIGNON BLANC (1 plot – planted 1997)+ WEISSBURGUNDER (3 plots – planted 1980+1995+2018) totoal size 1.74 hectare – 4.3 acres VINIFICATION during harvest, all grapes are processed in the backyard. whole bunches go straight into our screw press. no additives, no temperature control at any stage of winemaking. Juice goes straight into stainless steel + large acacia + oak barrels (2000L) + fiberglass tanks. all vats racked before fermentation kicks in. natural fermentation. All 3 components of HOMOK (Grüner + Weissburgunder + Sauvignon Blanc) were mostly co-fermenting. everything matured on gross lees for 6 months without any additives, without fining and without filtration. Blended together shortly before bottling without any additives. no sulfites added. unfiltered. ØØ --- Alexander and Maria Koppitsch began making wine in Burgenland in 2011. They took over their parents 5.5-hectare winery and moved from selling their grapes into making their own wine. The vineyards are in the Neusiedl am See, a small village situated at the shores of the Neusidl Lake and on the eastern end of the Leitha Mountains which feature soft, rolling hills of mostly limestone soil. Like his father and grandfather before him, Alex does not believe in introducing any additives into the grapes or the wine. They use Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles to cultivate their grapes, and pride themselves on performing every aspect of the vineyard management and the winemaking by hand, on a very small scale.  The Koppitsch wines have shifted in recent vintages, from what was previously a focus on single varietal bottlings, to what is now a focus on their various soil types We started our journey in 2011. When we took over the family vineyards – our focus was clearly on varieties. We wanted to explore the different characteristics and facets of each variety we grow (we grow 12 different varieties on 20 different plots) Doing so with a pronounced sensibility for the different soil conditions our vines grow on. Every year our concern for the significance of the soil grew. Why? Because we felt that all single-varietal-wines that grow next to each other develop similar flavors and aromas. This factum lead us all the way to what is essential to us now: our very passionate commitment to soil. _Our full commitment to soil kicks off new paths, new challenges and new wines_. We changed our portfolio and the names of all our wines and wine ranges. But we will never change our overall proposition – EACH WINE RANGE FOCUSES ON A CERTAIN ASPECT OF THE TERM SOIL FUN WINES – TEXTURE like sand, clay or gravel PERSPEKTIVE – ROCK TYPE like limestone and schist TOUCH – impact of SOIL to TASTE AEON – the ENERGY of our ancient FAMILY LAND PRETTY [nʌts] –– the PLACE and its VIBE
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