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l'Archetipo - 'Susumante' - Susumaniello - Salento, Puglia, IT - 2018
l'Archetipo - 'Susumante' - Susumaniello - Salento, Puglia, IT - 2018
Load image into Gallery viewer, l'Archetipo - 'Susumante' - Susumaniello - Salento, Puglia, IT - 2018
Load image into Gallery viewer, l'Archetipo - 'Susumante' - Susumaniello - Salento, Puglia, IT - 2018

l'Archetipo - 'Susumante' - Susumaniello - Salento, Puglia, IT - 2018

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Synergistic agriculture Appelation: PGI Salento Rosè, Quality Sparkling Wine. Grape variety: Susumaniello 100% (Apulian indigenous vine). Soil composition: sandstone and pelite soil, very rich of fine gravel, sand and small cobblestone; good presence of Humus. Vine training system: free standing espalier (controspalliera libera in Italian), from Rudolf Steiner’s book “The philosophy of freedom”. Vineyard area: 2 hectares cultivated according to the criteria of Sy-nergistic Agriculture and ICEA Organic Farming.  **Winemaking (Ancestral method):** after destemming and soft cru-shing grapes, must ferments spontaneously with grape skins, than-ks to a pied de cuve of native yeasts, the only ones which increase the expression of our Terroir. Maceration with grape skins lasts 36 hours and after that wine is soft pressed in order to separate it from grape skins. After 40 days of alcoholic fermentation at low tempe-rature (13-14°C), before total sugars depletion, fermenting must is transferred in stainless steel pressure tank (11-12°C), where the re-sidual sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Wine is aging on lees, with continue bâttonage in these pressure tanks, in order to obtain a stable wine. Very low amount of sulphur dioxi-de added before bottling. Natural fining and stabilization, no fining agents added. No filtration. **Residual sugars per litre:** 7 g/l, Brut. **Organoleptic properties:** cherry-red colour fine and quite persistent bubbles; intense fruity and floral nose. Soft, tasty and very persi-stent fresh taste. **Food pairing:** ideal aperitif, very good with fish starters and main courses. --- Francesco Valentino Dibenedetto, agronomist and farmer by birth, son of Carlo Dibenedetto, winemakers always. Since the 80’s the company began the conversion to organic farming but he finds that the vitality of his lands does not proceed as it should and that is why since 2000 he moved to biodynamic thanks to the studies on Rudolf Steiner’s cultural legacy. After a few years of biodynamic he realizes that there is still something that lacks and therefore, understanding the thought of Masanobu Fukuoka, finally come to practice sustainable agriculture, in which the synergies between all the ecosystem are linked. This is the synergistic agriculture, with which we made no more the biggest mistake that still today we do, practicing all the other types of agriculture ( from conventional, to organic, to biodynamic): plowing. This new adventure develops together with his wife Anna Maria and their four children: Carlo Nazareno, Domenico, Andrea e Maria Clelia. Thaks to their constant and responsible care it has been possible to build the wine cellar, entirely made in tuff, where with precise climatic conditions it’s possible to enhance their precious grapes without using chemicals. The new generation’s entrance in the company, under the leadership of Francesco Valentino’s large experience, is likely to provide impetus and vitality to “L’Archetipo”. L’Archetipo, decided to “use” only and exclusively natural yeasts, i.e. yeasts that belong to our lands, yeasts developed in our climate and settle into our ecosystem where the synergy between microflora and microfauna is important to give that true taste to our wines. This authentic expression of our lands is also retained by the non filtratration of wines, because this process would take away the authenticity and value of taste that it’s alive in the last aging period; for this reason L’Archetipo advises his clients to decant wines, in order to appreciate the true taste and the same time a clean product from the first sip.
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