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Petershof - 'Niedermennig' - Riesling - Mosel, DE - 2021
Petershof - 'Niedermennig' - Riesling - Mosel, DE - 2021
Petershof - 'Niedermennig' - Riesling - Mosel, DE - 2021
Load image into Gallery viewer, Petershof - 'Niedermennig' - Riesling - Mosel, DE - 2021
Load image into Gallery viewer, Petershof - 'Niedermennig' - Riesling - Mosel, DE - 2021
Load image into Gallery viewer, Petershof - 'Niedermennig' - Riesling - Mosel, DE - 2021

Petershof - 'Niedermennig' - Riesling - Mosel, DE - 2021

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Niedermennig Riesling Dry is a Village Wine (middle tier of the quality pyramid). An elegant but powerful Riesling. "Cool", is the word that describes this wine and the vintage best. 50-year-old vines with tiny, concentrated grapes and non-grafted on their original rootstock. Stonefruit and citrus aromatic are dominant, paired with fresh acidity and slate mineral aromatics.
Grapes were harvested by hand and slightly squeezed just before pressing. Fermented and stored in a stainless-steel tank and in a used Fuder (264 gallons). Fuder is the term for the barrel in the Mosel region.
Vintage: 2021
Varietal: Riesling
Growers: Estate owned
Winemaker: Peter Thelen
Appellation: Mosel/Saar
Vineyards: Niedermennig
Consume: until 2025 and ready now!
Residual Sugar: 7.6 g/L
Acidity: 9.7 g/L

Alcohol: 11 %

Peter founded Petershof in Oberemmel at the Saar/Mosel in 2019. For 15 years he has been working in different wine regions including Germany and South Africa in winemaking and general managing.
In the vineyard, Peter is avoiding using herbicides and fertilizes purely organically. In addition, the biodiversity in the vineyard helps the soil to stay healthy.
Peter: “Quality is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar. In the cellar, your job is to keep the extraordinaire quality. This is why all our vineyards are harvested separately and by hand. Grapes are pressed gently and he ferments each block individually to keep the typicity of each vineyard. For fermentation, he uses a mix of spontaneous fermentation and inoculation with yeast strains. Peter ferments his wines in Fuder (1000 Liter or 265 gallons) oak vessels. This is the traditional barrel size for this region and it supports the typicity of the vineyard, terroir and soil character without overpowering it. “Every parcel has its own story and this is how it can shine!” says Peter.
“Tradition because we are working with the most diverse white grape variety in the world, RIESLING! And you will find it in so many different facets in the Saar region. To be honest, our wines are a love letter to the classic style of Saarriesling. Minerality, elegant and vibrant acidity and every now and then a hint of sweetness. This is what wines from this region are known for and this what we want to do!
We love Riesling and therefore this is our focus.
There is hardly any other white grape variety that is able to showcase soil, microclimate, and how it is cultivated so precisely and so intensely at the same time.
Riesling gives you a whole range of options from everyday, fun wine to topnotch wines. To showcase this is our passion!” Peter.

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