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Tchotiashvili - Mtsvane - Kakheti, GE - 2016
Tchotiashvili - Mtsvane - Kakheti, GE - 2016
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tchotiashvili - Mtsvane - Kakheti, GE - 2016
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tchotiashvili - Mtsvane - Kakheti, GE - 2016

Tchotiashvili - Mtsvane - Kakheti, GE - 2016

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Visual and organoleptic characteristics:
Amber, clear bright with warm color. Aroma of autumn flowers. With a slightly higher acidity and strong tanning substances, long-time and long-lasting taste.
In Qvevri with Kakhetian traditional technology, 8 months maceration on full grape skins, pips and stems. (In the process of wine making, no additional materials are used, only sulfites (SO2) and those only for disinfection of Qvevri). Wine is bottled without filtration.
Vine planted in 1980. Geographical location: Inner Kakheti. Left bank of the river Alazani. The bottom of the Caucasus Mountain. 480m. from the sea level. Soil: light mechanical structure, cordier-carbonate sandy soil. Does not require watering.

The Tchotiashvili company Satsnakheli produces 100% of natural, highest quality elite wines, made in Qvevri using traditional centuries-old technology. They have all properties typical for wine made in qvevri: high nutrition value, therapeutic modality.

Founder Kakha Tchotiashvili is an artisan winemaker with an established marani in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia.

He is focused on reviving ancient local varieties and makes all-natural wines according to local traditions, without any additives or chemicals in the vineyards or winemaking. All wines are fermented with wild yeast and bottled unfiltered. Kakha is a perfectionist, and he pays special attention to the vines and wines in all stages of vine growing and winemaking. This allows him to produce precise and clean flavors from ancient methods. The production is limited, and the winemaker personally inspects each bottle before numbering it and releasing to wine lovers.

Tchotiashvili Vineyards is situated in the fertile Alazani River Valley between the Caucasus Mountains and the Alazani River in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region. The winery’s location in this region is famous for its history of wine production and its suitable climate for the cultivation of several rare local grape varietals. Tchotiashvili grows the Saperavi, Khikhvi, Kisi, Mtsvane, and Rkatsiteli grape varieties. Tchotiashvili’s vineyards are set from 600 to 700 m. altitude from the sea level, where the soil is rich of humus and carbonates.

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