Rates begin at just $500 and include:

  • A tailored wine lunch to explore your preferences, tailored to your budget 🍽

  • Full wine consultation by Drew Cuddy, proprietor and sommelier 🧐

  • The purchasing power to offer crazy deep discounts on the perfect wines for your event 💖

Don't Bother With Average Wine

Who are you people?  Satellite is Santa Barbara’s premier ‘Raw Wine’ Shop and Farmers Market Restaurant. We offer a ever-evolving and fresh-focused selection of the finest low-manipulation wines from the world's greatest small producers.

What are you offering?  Satellite offers bespoke wine consultation curated for an exceptionally delicious and individual wedding experience. Clients enjoy a multi-part consultation, to taste and select a personalized portfolio of wines to serve standalone or paired with your catered event menu. As part of the service, clients benefit from preferential pricing on the bulk purchase of their wine.

Why You?  Satellite’s sommelier service guides clientele towards expressive, honestly made wines, offered at exceptional prices. With a deep knowledge of hard to find grower champagnes, rare varietals, and the finest appellations, we offer many wines that are allocated and not commercially available in the Santa Barbara area. We also provide clients with a keen knowledge of local wineries. Any wines you taste with us will come with information about the grower, region, and first-hand knowledge of the producers. Our wholesale purchasing ability allows us to give you deep discounts on any wines available for your event.

Anything else?  Yes! We also offer champagne sabering and pouring services for your wedding. Let's make it pop! 🍾🤺