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Josep Foraster - Trepat - Conca de Barberà, Catalunya, ES - 2020
Josep Foraster - Trepat - Conca de Barberà, Catalunya, ES - 2020
Load image into Gallery viewer, Josep Foraster - Trepat - Conca de Barberà, Catalunya, ES - 2020
Load image into Gallery viewer, Josep Foraster - Trepat - Conca de Barberà, Catalunya, ES - 2020

Josep Foraster - Trepat - Conca de Barberà, Catalunya, ES - 2020

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Rooty Tooty Fresh and SO Fruity (with a healthy sense of place to boot). This wine shows off Trepat in a very serious yet refreshing way... which happens to be exactly how Trepat rocks!
Now for some notes from the winery:

Concept: Red wine with our most autochthonous variety; the Trepat Our task has been to carefully care for the vineyard, to regulate the production and to pamper every grape. All this to elaborate a unique wine that emphasizes its delicate fruit, subtlety, minerality, freshness and elegance.

Winemaking process:. Harvest at its optimal maturation point, at the end of October, in boxes and with a careful selection in the vineyard. Cold maceration and subsequent fermentation with endogenous yeasts. Aged 7 months in French oak barrels of 300 and 500 liters of about three years old. A 30% of the wine is aged in a concrete “egg”tank for 7 months.

Bottled with less than 40 mg SO2T.
Varieties: 100% Trepat.
Ecological cultivation since 2011; in process certification CCPAE.
Type of soil: Alluvial soil; clay-calcaris Located on the sunny slopes of the Sierra de Miramar.
Climate: Continental - Mediterranean.
Age of vineyards: More than 40 years. MAS DE LA SABATERA Altitude: 500 m. above sea level.

Ricard Sebastià Foraster was still in his early 20’s when he became the fourth-generation winemaker on his family’s vineyard estate in the unique D.O. Conca de Barberà. These vineyards are planted in a lovely valley surrounded by mountains, where the soils range from the river erosion-formed land in the valley to clay-limestone and poor in organic matter on the slopes of the Serra de Miramar. There are also vineyards near the winery itself, on the sunny slopes of the Prades mountains, where soils are calcareous with pieces of river rock and slate.

Just two red varieties are planted on the 9 hectares of the Mas Castells estate: Cabernet Sauvignon and Ull de Llebre (the local name for Tempranillo). In the rest of the vineyards, the family has planted red varietals Trepat (the indigenous red varietal grown predominantly in Conca de Barberà.), Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache and Garnacha Peluda (literally, “Hairy Grenache”); and white varietals Garnacha Blanca (White Grenache), Chardonnay, Macabeu and Parellada.


This is a typical continental-Mediterranean climate, with a high contrast between day and night temperature, which brings freshness and personality to the wines. The influence of the Mediterranean Sea brings even more acidity to the grapes, thus producing wines that combine structure and elegance.

Josep Foraster’s philosophy is sustainability and quality, and they use only their own organically grown grapes, without synthetic products or herbicides, also using biodynamic principles in the viticulture. This respect for the soil and terroir is reflected in the wines they produce.

The family’s careful and dedicated approach to integrated farming combined with a great commitment to avoid increasing production beyond sustainable levels makes this estate unique in an already unique region. Their delightful wines combine elegance and balance with power, while the winery itself is well-known for the incomparable beauty of the terroir and the architecture.

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