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Satellite x Demetria - 'Gravitational' - Grenache - Santa Ynez Valley, CA - 2022
Satellite x Demetria - 'Gravitational' - Grenache - Santa Ynez Valley, CA - 2022
Satellite x Demetria - 'Gravitational' - Grenache - Santa Ynez Valley, CA - 2022
Load image into Gallery viewer, Satellite x Demetria - 'Gravitational' - Grenache - Santa Ynez Valley, CA - 2022
Load image into Gallery viewer, Satellite x Demetria - 'Gravitational' - Grenache - Santa Ynez Valley, CA - 2022
Load image into Gallery viewer, Satellite x Demetria - 'Gravitational' - Grenache - Santa Ynez Valley, CA - 2022

Demetria x Satellite - 'Gravitational' - Grenache - Santa Ynez Valley, CA - 2022

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Something wonderful happened to Satellite. It's not the first time, it won't be the last. It's just pure excitement and we're stoked.


Demetria estate is one of the most naturally farmed estates in the county. Farmed with biodynamic principles of fully integrated natural pest management and reintegration of compost throughout: the vineyard is alive and full of flowing energy - From earth to grape.

This wine is from a single plot, site 20a - a cool site on the own-rooted vineyard which produces some of the most lean and elegant Grenache on the property. This is a perfect example of Grenache edging into Pinot Noir's territory - with bright tart cherry, a delicate balance of leafy earth, and deep complex herbality.
The wine is lights-out loco-good and something we are thrilled to share.

The wine was made in the most minimal fashion: harvested, crushed, fermented with a trace addition of SO2, and left to age until September 2023 when it was bottled for us.

The finished wine is incredibly elegant and classic feeling with less than 25ppm of free SO2 and it is an absolute joy in the glass.

Pull up to the bar and grab a glass... or take home a case of bottles! These 50 cases will not last long!

Ryan grew up in Marshall, TX, a small town in the northeast part of the state. He studied at Texas A&M and graduated with a degree in Bioenvironmental Sciences. During a summer agricultural internship program in Angers, France, Ryan was introduced to vineyard work and was immediately hooked. He then worked at Domaine Taillandier, which further spurred him into wine, eventually leading him to Napa Valley, New Zealand, and finally Santa Barbara County

In 2009 he started his own small company, Roark Wine Company, making wine and farming small vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley. Looking to expand his farming, he took over the vineyard management at Demetria in 2019 and in 2021 added the role of winemaker. To be able to farm a historic vineyard and make wine for owners with a shared vision is truly a dream come true.

The Land
Our property consists of 213 acres of rolling hills with 45 high elevation hillside acres currently under vine. We’re proud to produce biodynamically grown Rhone-style wines from our estate in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Biodynamic Principals
Biodynamic farming is based on the philosophy that our entire property is a living organism. We use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers (much like organic farming), and, in addition, we farm by the phases of the planets and the moon and treat our vineyards with various preparations to promote health and vitality in the soil, plants, and animals.

One key goal of the philosophy is to reduce our dependence on imported inputs of all types and increase the living dynamics of the entire farm: just as minimal handling in the cellar promotes a purity of expression in our wine, so too does this deeply traditional form of agriculture.

Livestock Management
Ryan Roark (Vineyard Manager/Winemaker) has been transforming our livestock management into a more holistic approach. Inspired by Allan Savory and progressive ranchers, we move our sheep almost daily to replicate the natural grazing movements of herds in the wild.

For every journey, there is a first step. Each year this begins with the nourishment of the soil, which precedes the growth of exceptional grapes. Inspired by the holistic stewardship and environmental reverence of the philosophy, we began farming our Estate property by Biodynamic principles in 2005.

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