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Tripp Wines - 'Fiddlestix Vineyard' - Grüner Veltliner - Santa Rita Hills, CA - 2021
Tripp Wines - 'Fiddlestix Vineyard' - Grüner Veltliner - Santa Rita Hills, CA - 2021
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tripp Wines - 'Fiddlestix Vineyard' - Grüner Veltliner - Santa Rita Hills, CA - 2021
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tripp Wines - 'Fiddlestix Vineyard' - Grüner Veltliner - Santa Rita Hills, CA - 2021

Tripp Wines - 'Fiddlestix Vineyard' - Grüner Veltliner - Santa Rita Hills, CA - 2021

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Grapes grown organically at Fiddlestix Vineyard in the Santa Rita Hills

All of our wines are made from grapes grown by us at one of the small vineyards we independently manage in Santa Barbara County, or are sourced from thoughtfully farmed local vineyards. Our wine is processed and fermented with minimal intervention, aged in French oak or stainless steel, and without filtering or fining, is then hand-bottled.

Our Mission
Tripp Wines' mission is to make handcrafted and site-focused wine accessible to everyone.
We believe that wine with character is too difficult for most people to purchase due to price point or unavailability, and we want to remedy that. By keeping production costs extremely low and performing all stages of the winemaking process in-house, all while sourcing the highest quality grapes, Tripp Wines is able to produce wine of the same quality as those sold for $50 and over, but at a much more affordable price.

Why Santa Barbara County?
We decided to move to Santa Barbara County and start the Tripp Wines label here because of the unique offerings of the Santa Ynez Valley. Here, we can grow any variety of grape, in multiple, superior grape-growing climates. There are mountain slopes planted next to river bed floors, vast, level mesas, rolling hills and everything in between. There are multiple appellations growing a wide range of grapes; from big, Bordeaux, Rhone and Italian varieties to acid-driven Pinot Noir of world-class quality.
Tripp Wines' first harvest was 2020 and the Valley has only exceeded our expectations in terms of its wine-producing excellence. On a personal level, we could not be happier to call Santa Barbara home. We are grateful to have world-class grapes at our disposal, and for the opportunity to make wine that showcases the diverse microclimates and exceptional climate of the Valley. We look forward to using our wine to continue to share this amazing place with everyone we can.

Why 'Tripp Wines'
Tripp Wines is a small group effort made possible by Tripp Adams, his wife, Claire Mitchell, and their friends and family helping in countless ways. The name "Tripp Wines" is not for Tripp's ego, but is a promise to the consumer that a single person, Tripp, will be performing every aspect of the grape growing and/or sourcing, winemaking, analysis, aging, and bottling of the wine. We believe in this philosophy because, in today's wine world, in order to make wine on a very large scale, winery teams have become very decentralized, with sub-teams focusing exclusively on only one step of the process. Although this allows large amounts of wine to be made, like the game "telephone," the final product often tends to be a variation of what was originally intended, with attention to small details lost in the process. This can also be the case for smaller producers that outsource crucial tasks, like bottling or laboratory analysis, to third-party vendors. In contrast, Tripp Wines is led by a single person, equipped with professional experience in all aspects of grape-growing and winemaking, focusing on each individual detail from the first leaf to the final label on the bottle, and aspiring for perfection at every step. We believe this is the key to creating a stand-out product consumers can feel good about purchasing and supporting.

Who are we?
Tripp Wines' owners & operators, Tripp Adams and Claire Mitchell, met in 2017 at a wine festival in Charlottesville, Virginia (Tripp was pouring). Since then, they have been laughing, eating & drinking, and, of course, making wine.
Tripp works full time as the winemaker for a small estate winery in the Sta Rita Hills. Since completing his first harvest in 2013, Tripp has worked for wineries/vineyards of all types and sizes in Napa, Sonoma, and Virginia. Claire is a full time attorney in Santa Barbara who also writes a very popular food blog known as @a.food.revue. Claire & Tripp live in Santa Barbara with their dog (everyone's favorite), Crosby.

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