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Gotha - 'DRAI' - Vermouth - Emilia Romagna, IT - NV
Gotha - 'DRAI' - Vermouth - Emilia Romagna, IT - NV
Load image into Gallery viewer, Gotha - 'DRAI' - Vermouth - Emilia Romagna, IT - NV
Load image into Gallery viewer, Gotha - 'DRAI' - Vermouth - Emilia Romagna, IT - NV

Gotha - 'DRAI' - Vermouth - Emilia Romagna, IT - NV

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DRAI was born thanks to the skilful blending of Zibibbo wine (also called Moscato d’Alessandria) with Adriatic seawater, capers, grapefruit, sage, Roman absinthe and other natural infusions and extracts.
The Moscato d’Alessandria originally came from Egypt and was named by the Arabs as “Zibibbo” on the island of Pantelleria, where still today almost all the national production is cultivated. The vine terraces of the island also have Arabian characteristics.
In 2014, UNESCO declared the agricultural practice of the Zibibbo sapling grapevine, typical of Pantelleria, an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
100% Zibibbo
Straw yellow with green hues
Flavour / taste
Fresh and dry.

Notes of grapefruit, sage and lemon.

Gotha Spiriti Nobili was founded with great love from the heart and a strong idea in the head. The love for Italian drinks, the idea to rediscover and perfect a world of experiences which today, even more so than in the past, can be fully realised and essentially “better”.
The tradition of “bere Italiano” (Italian drinking) which strongly shaped the culture of Italian living, especially in the 20th century, is currently going through a monumental revival. The concept of the aperitif is beyond doubt spreading throughout the world. This particular “Italian lifestyle” is not only getting immense attention on the market but also in new generations less used to liqueurs, digestifs, vermouth and traditional drinks.
The countless products use traditional production methods handed down from generation to generation, promoting and giving life to specific products to the area and which have given us incredible liqueurs, unforgettable to whoever tastes them.
Gotha Spiriti Nobili’s mission isn’t only one of tradition: it’s tireless innovative energy and experimental curiosity have led to the creation of new products to be introduced on the market, based on the quest for maximum originality and quality.

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