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Weingut Isegrim - Pinot Noir - Pfalz, DE - 2021
Weingut Isegrim - Pinot Noir - Pfalz, DE - 2021
Load image into Gallery viewer, Weingut Isegrim - Pinot Noir - Pfalz, DE - 2021
Load image into Gallery viewer, Weingut Isegrim - Pinot Noir - Pfalz, DE - 2021

Weingut Isegrim - Pinot Noir - Pfalz, DE - 2021

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An elegant lean expression of Pinot Noir - Raspberry and cherry profile - Aging on lees in large barrels gave this wine a perfect balance of structure, tannin, and velvet texture. Booya


We have always been organic. True to ourselves, true to the world. For us, there is only one way: In dialogue with Nature. We wander through our (winery) lives, willing to compromise and to reflect. Our vines make up the most significant part of our farm – followed by some vegetables, sheep pastures and flowery fallows. We aim to find a steady balance between giving and taking in our everyday lives and in agriculture. True to the motto “tradition is the natural enemy of progress”, Senior Klaus went his own way and started to work the fields according to Bioland guidelines as early as 1979. Back then, that was considered crazy, daring and almost declared nuts. Today, we are as grateful as we could be. Because by doing so, we can work with robust, healthy and balanced vines today. Thanks to decades of landscaping, we may enjoy the picturesque view of our vineyards and light-heartedly send our lambkins, turkeys and chickens to the meadows for snacking. A tried and true yet young family wine estate where Mira and Sören can live up to their creativity and convictions.

Finding what’s behind the material good
The biodynamic idea, or Anthroposophy, fills a crucial role in our wine estate - a way of life rather than a way to work. Always bearing in mind the life cycle, we try our best to make part of this world and seek the greater purpose – what goes beyond the material good itself, what makes us happy and content.

Naturelove Since Always & Forever
Always moving, always reaching out our hands and always pondering if we genuinely understand Nature. Starting with Senior Klaus & his father, carrying on with Mira & Sören.
Things did not use to be different
Of course, things used to be different – however not at the Isegrim Estate. Back in the day, Senior Klaus’ father found his way into organic viticulture. It all started with the will for healthy, balanced and fertile soil. Eventually, it was Klaus to engage in genuine organic farming. Many experiments and ongoing exchanges with like-minded freaks prepared the ground for obtaining the Bioland certificate in 1984. The motivation was huge. Sure, at that time, some saw it as completely bonkers. However, some considered it to be pretty neat and cool. It was a turning point – we could slightly contribute to a different world.
Today, we keep going
When Mira & Sören took over the wine estate, there was no doubt of furtherly engaging in organic farming. They have known each other at the Dottenfelderhof during biodynamic training. Thus, it is easy to guess how they planned to manage the farm. Given Sören’s passion for agriculture, the cycle of Nature is being integrated even better than it already had been. On the other hand, Mira’s formation and degree in Viticulture studies enhance the production of natural quality wines. Pure, sincere & dynamic. The perfect match for wine and human.

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