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Ambyth - 'Playground' - Red Blend - Paso Robles, CA - 2015
Ambyth - 'Playground' - Red Blend - Paso Robles, CA - 2015
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ambyth - 'Playground' - Red Blend - Paso Robles, CA - 2015
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ambyth - 'Playground' - Red Blend - Paso Robles, CA - 2015

Ambyth - 'Playground' - Red Blend - Paso Robles, CA - 2015

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Varietals: *38% Grenache Noir | 36% Mourvédre | 19% Syrah | 4% Carignane | 2% Counoise | 1% Roussanne
Appellation: *Paso Robles, CA
AmByth Estate, Playground Vineyard. Dry Farmed.
Cert and Farm: Biodynamic. Organic.
Aging Vessel and time: Italian Terracotta Clay Amphorae 23 months
Yeast, Sulfites, Additions: Native, None
Alc: 12.17%
*Cases Produced: *46
*Vinification: *Field blend of interplanted varietals harvested all the same day. Skin maceration for 7 days during fermentation then pressed. Élevage for 23 months in a 500 liter Italian Terracotta Amphora. Racked and bottled during descending moons with no additions. This wine may contain sediment, shake at your own risk. Ingredients: Grapes.
*Analysis: *pH: 3.69p | TA: 0.66 g/l | RS: 0.12 g/l

*Tasting Notes: *A pleasant mustiness on the nose, reminds me of an old growth forest. Instant big fruit and bright acidity with notes of blackberry, leather and bay leaf. Long finish and smooth but with a fantastic cheek smacking dry tannin. -Gelert

AmByth Estate believes in producing wines that are made with minimal intervention: letting the wine make itself. We do not use additives or other winemaking gimmicks to manipulate the fruit that comes from our vineyards. Many factors influence that year’s crop, and we want to taste these influences in the wine. We do not fine or filter and we use only native yeasts. We gently foot crush our red grapes (and occasionally some whites) and let them set on their stems and skins until full fermentation has taken place. We also strive to produce wines of normal, old-fashioned alcohol levels, so that we have drinkable wines which create that magical harmony between wine and food.

Wine is a lover of food, it should caress and bring out the very best.

We are proud to make interesting natural wines that share a common thread, wines that definitely tell you you're drinking AmByth. The wines are aged in neutral oak barrels, Terracotta amphorae, California Clay amphorae , and white vitrified clay eggs from Australia to express true terroir and varietal characteristics with little manipulation of only the aging vessel.

“AmByth creates wines like no one else in Paso Robles. These are true expressions of natural winemaking, low alcohol, lots of bright natural acidity, terracotta fermenters, little or no oak aging with spice and savory being in the foreground and fruit components bringing up the rear. Lots of minerality too. What’s more is that they are much better for you than all the manipulated wines out there with 8-10 grams of sugar, mega purple, sulfites to name just a few of the ‘normal’ additions and way too much new oak. Forget everything you ever tasted, clear your mind and enjoy.” -Glenn Mitton, The Cumbrian


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