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Bardos - ‘Grandview’ Cider - Sebastopol, CA - 2019 - 375ml
Bardos - ‘Grandview’ Cider - Sebastopol, CA - 2019 - 375ml
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bardos - ‘Grandview’ Cider - Sebastopol, CA - 2019 - 375ml
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bardos - ‘Grandview’ Cider - Sebastopol, CA - 2019 - 375ml

Bardos - ‘Grandview’ Cider - Sebastopol, CA - 2019 - 375ml

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"Grandview" is an aged variation on our first vintage, "Yeti". We hand gleaned the fruit mid-August, 2019, from an abandoned orchard of mostly Gravenstein and Rome apples, likely planted in the 1950s at the top of Grandview Road in Sebastopol, California. The orchard was secured by our tree steward and guide, Yeti, and with the help of friends, Jack Donoghue and David Jacob Kramer, we gleaned about six macrobins of primarily red Gravenstein. We pressed the apples with Darek Trowbridge at Old World Winery and left the unpressed apple pomace in insulated fermentation bins to macerate for two days. _The difference between Yeti, which aged for six weeks, in that Grandview was aged in neutral oak for one year._ When we bottled, we dosaged the cider with fresh-pressed juice after which the cider finally bottle conditioned for around three months. The final cuvee is a cleaner, brighter cider than Yeti, with fruit on the nose and a dry finish. Separating it from the heard, it has dimensional hints of bret and acid on behalf of the natural climate both magically and technically fostered by Darek at his beautiful winery. titratable acidity (titrator) 8.4 pH (titrator) 3.66 glucose + fructose (inverted) 0.5 ethanol at 20C 7.4% Harvested on August 18th, 2019, day of ☾, in the hours of ♄♃♂☉♀☿ and August 22nd, 2019, the day of ♃, in the hours of ♂☉♀☿ Pressed on August 21st, 2019, the day of ♀, in the hours of ☉♀☿ and on August 23rd, the day of ☉ during the hours of ♃♂☉♀☿☾ Bottled on September 10th 2020, on the day of ♃ in the hours of ♂☉♀☿☾♃♂☉♀☿☾♃♂ --- Simply, we either, (a) glean our apples from derelict orchards in West Sonoma County or (b) work with local farmers who steward the old orchards of a bygone California—no more, no less. Focusing on older trees that are no longer cultivated, we have found that in their struggle, they bear fruit with more personality. Additionally, we add in wild seedling, Indian, or old-world apples whenever possible. The majority of the varietals and sports we work with have been developed by historic characters like Luther Burbank, Felix Gillet, Albert Etter, and others for the specific climate of Northern California. During the winemaking process, we intervene as little as possible. We press the cider, sometimes leave it to macerate on its own skins and age it in neutral oak or steel. After bottling, we leave it to condition on its own naturally-occurring lees. The product is unfiltered and non-disgorged.   Our branding speaks to the diverse narratives present in the land and life that comprises the area in which we make the cider.  The fruit is grown on the unceded land of the Southern Pomo and Coastal Miwok and the wine is made with the utmost respect for the people of Graton Rancheria and acknowledgment of Elders, past, present, and emerging. 
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