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Chateau le Puy - 'Emilien' - Merlot Blend - Bordeaux Côtes des Francs, FR - 2019
Chateau le Puy - 'Emilien' - Merlot Blend - Bordeaux Côtes des Francs, FR - 2019
Load image into Gallery viewer, Chateau le Puy - 'Emilien' - Merlot Blend - Bordeaux Côtes des Francs, FR - 2019
Load image into Gallery viewer, Chateau le Puy - 'Emilien' - Merlot Blend - Bordeaux Côtes des Francs, FR - 2019

Chateau le Puy - 'Emilien' - Merlot Blend - Bordeaux Côtes des Francs, FR - 2017

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“Emilien” : the most important cuvée of the domaine in terms of volume is composed of 85% Merlot, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Carmenère. It spends a year in 50hl foudres before a year in 228L barrel. Its approach is silky from the fine tannins and it bears a color of garnet red with a hint of ruby, a seductive wine of great elegance. Certified organic.

In continuous operation by the Amoreau family since 1610, Rosenthal Wine Merchant is currently working with the 14th genera- tion at this singular estate. Of its almost 100 hectares, only 54 are planted to the vine, the rest preserved as fields, forests, and ponds in order to maintain a natural ecological equilibrium. Located in the once renowned commune of Saint Cibard, Le Puy produces most of its wines under the Francs—Côtes de Bordeaux AOC, though, like so many of our traditional producers in the region, the estate finds itself compelled to move toward labelling its wines as Vins de France. The very existence of Château Le Puy almost defies belief. In, of all places, Bordeaux—a region that fell especially hard for the oak-and-muscles approach favored by certain critics and point-chasers over the past few decades—there exists a sizable and historic estate that is making wines true to this region’s all too often abused terroir.

• Farming: Certified biodynamic by Demeter, certified organic by Ecocert
• Treatments: No synthetic treatments have ever been used at the estate. Only copper-sulfate is used.
• Ploughing: Annual ploughing of the entirety of the vineyard, with the best parcels ploughed by horse
• Soils: Red clay, silt, and limestone top soils on top of the Asteries limestone plateau that extends to Château Le Puy from Saint Émilion. Château Le Puy sits at the second-highest point in Bordeaux on the top of the plateau and on its slopes.
• Vines: 50 year-old vines in Guyot, planted at 5,500 vines/ha • Yields: No green harvest, no leaf thinning, no fertilization
• Harvest: Always by hand, usually at the end of September
• Purchasing: Entirely estate fruit

• Fermentation: After total destemming, wines ferment spontaneously in concrete vat for 2-3 weeks. Rosé Marie and Marie-Cécile ferment in barrel.
• Extraction: No punchdowns, no pumpovers, wines macerate with an immersed cap (Le Puy is the only estate in Bordeaux using this method, which is more common in regions like the Rhône)
• Chaptalization and Acidification: None • Pressing: Pneumatic
• Malolactic Fermentation: Spontaneous, simultaneous with alcoholic fermentation

• Élevage: Emilien rests in century-old, 50-hl foudres for 12 months, followed by 12 months in 228-l barrels, none new. Barthelemy spends 24 months in 228-l barrels (less than 10% new), Duc des Nauves spends 12 months in cement tanks; Rosé Marie rests in barrels for 6-10 months
• Lees: Wines rest on fine lees during the majority of their élevages, with occasional bâtonnage guided by the phases of the moon.
• Fining and Filtration: Occasional egg-white fining, no filtra- tion
• Sulfur: Only the Emilien sees any added sulfur, which is ap- plied at racking, with c. 25 mg/l total and c. 0 mg/l free.

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