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Hervieux-Dumez - 'Hilde' - Champagne - 1er Cru à Sacy, Champagne, FR - NV
Hervieux-Dumez - 'Hilde' - Champagne - 1er Cru à Sacy, Champagne, FR - NV
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hervieux-Dumez - 'Hilde' - Champagne - 1er Cru à Sacy, Champagne, FR - NV
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hervieux-Dumez - 'Hilde' - Champagne - 1er Cru à Sacy, Champagne, FR - NV

Hervieux-Dumez - 'Hilde' - Champagne - 1er Cru à Sacy, Champagne, FR - NV

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House location: Sacy, Montagne de Reims; 9.5 hectares, established mid-1920s
Blend: 25% Meunier, 10% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir, 15% Red Wine
Aging: 3 years

Dosage: 9 g/L

Originally, Henri Hervieux and Juliette Dumez, our great grandparents.
Henri Hervieux, our great-grandfather, originally from Pussay in Essonne, joined the 1914 -1918 war front and arrived in Champagne at Sacy. There he met Juliette Dumez, a young girl from a long-standing family of winegrowers. She passed on this passion to him, they married in 1920 and together created Champagne Hervieux-Dumez.

The guarantee of life on our plots

Amateur beekeepers, we have been hosting our beehives on our plots since 2020.
The presence of these bees obliges us to scrupulously apply growing methods that will be favorable to them.
These bees are a reflection of our identity. Like her, we seek the natural balance of our environments and the benevolent cohabitation with the living things that surround us.
We are proud to display this virtue on our coat of arms, as the identity of our House.

Biodiversity: the richness of our land

Our desire is to practice sustainable viticulture that respects life. This will, driven by deep convictions, leads us to adapt our practices.
The use of plant cover in our plots improves the fertility of the soil by providing nitrogen and creating ideal conditions for earthworms which are essential to soil life. Grassing of plots, fields borders and slopes constitute refuge areas for many species of auxiliary insects.

Hosting chickens in our vineyard

With their invaluable help, we naturally fight against some "bud-eating" caterpillars of the vine, their presence allows to bring organic matter in the soils. The chickens by scratching the ground also allow a natural weeding of these plots.

A great champagne is always born on an exceptional terroir

We pay particular attention to listening to Nature, respecting its rhythm and intervening at the right time, in a precise and natural way. We cherish this terroir with the greatest humility because it is what makes the quintessence of our champagnes.

Inspirational terroirs

Each plot offers its subtleties. The composition of our soils is extremely important, because it brings this aromatic and organoleptic palette to our champagnes.
Our goal is to understand these mineral and organic peculiarities in order to sublimate them during the development of our wines.

In the heart of the Petite Montagne de Reims

Our vineyard is spread over an area of 9.6 hectares - Sacy, Chamery, Ecueil and Villedommange.
The soil here is made up of clay, chalk, but also silt and sand. Our vines are therefore nourished by this beautiful diversity which will bring great finesse to our wines, but also bright aromas and great suppleness. Chalk is a real asset because its porosity makes it a natural water reservoir. This type of soil allows the balance between the various acids in the fruit, the sugar and the aroma precursors that will be revealed in future wines.

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