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Kodama - 'Taiheizan - Great Peaceful Mountain' - Kimoto Junmai Sake, Akita Prefecture, JP - NV - 720ml

Kodama - 'Taiheizan - Great Peaceful Mountain' - Kimoto Junmai Sake, Akita Prefecture, JP - NV - 720ml

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The distinctive aroma is defined by an earthy quality that hints fungi. Oweing to use of Akita Kimoto method, this full bodied umami rich junmai is well rounded and is highlighted by perfect acidity, complimented by the dry, texturered and rich mouthfeel.

**Food pairing**

Grilled meat with rich sauce. Oysters and unagi(eel). Cuisine with buttery creamy sauce. Chinese cuisine.

**Type** Kimoto Junmai **Rice** Miyama-nishiki

**Rice polishing rate** 59%

**Alcohol** 15%

**Sake Meter Value** +3

**Acidity** 1.7


The Kodama brewery was founded in 1879 in picturesque Katagami City, Akita Prefecture, northwest of Japan. Blessed with abundant quality rice and fresh clean mountain water, the generations have nurtured and developed renowned expertise in brewing sake.

Originally, the Kodama family started their business by making soy sauce and miso for local consumers. Soy sauce and miso have traditionally been basic essential seasonings in Japanese cuisine. Production of these quality “fermented” food products represented by “Yamakyu” brands still remains an important part of the Kodama Brewery’s business.

In 1913, Tomokichi Kodama, the second generation of the family business began making sake by the name “TAIHEIZAN” (太平山). This brand name comes from towering mountain in Akita City, Mt. Taihei (“Great Peaceful Mountain”) which for centuries has been the area’s spiritual symbol. Taiheizan Miyoshi Shrine, in Akita City overlooking Mt. Taihei, is still the most visited Shrine in Akita Prefecture for New Year worshipping today. “Taiheizan” sake achieved its national recognition in 1933 when the Kodama Brewery introduced Japan’s first chilled sake, TAIHEIZAN-REIRO (太平山 玲琅) which soon after its release became a big hit. The following year in 1934, TAIHEIZAN won the First place at the 14th Annual National Sake Competition out of 5169 contestants. The prize and the popularity of this chilled sake enabled the company to expand its market to Tokyo and to other parts of Japan、making TAIHEIZAN a national brand. Over the last 20 years, Kodama Brewery has gradually increased its production of pure-rice premium sake such as Junmai Daiginjo, and Junmai Ginjo over Futsushu (regular sake).  From around the late 1980s, Japanese food was becoming popular among non-Japanese people overseas, and people enjoyed going to Japanese restaurants and drink sake. Later, European wine competitions included sake in their category, and consequently wine commentators began to write about sake and producers.  TAIHEIZAN, which has been a national brand over 100 years in Japan is now available in over 10 different countries including US, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Singapore Australia, and Germany and its premium sake is enjoyed by many fans around the world. The unique characteristics of TAIHEIZAN _sake_ is in its rich texture and complex _umami_ taste with a sharp finish. One of the secrets behind this is in the creation of _moto _(yeast starter) before main fermentation. Kodama Brewery has developed a modern, modified version of traditional _kimoto_ method, known as the “Akita Kimoto Method” to create strong _moto_. At the first pole ramming stage of traditional _kimoto_, steamed rice and _koji_ are normally divided into several vats, but in the modified Akita Kimoto version, a hand-operated electric propelled pole is used to stir and pulverize steamed rice and _koji_ in a vat. This creates a sticky, paste-like anaerobic environment, enabling acceleration of anaerobic bacteria, namely lactic-acid bacteria, to grow naturally without being infected by wild bacteria and germs in the air. The finished strong _moto_ made by this Akita Kimoto style is clean and resistant to cold Akita climate for prolonged fermentations. It is of these long fermentations at low temperatures which create aromatic elegant fragrance and complexity that make premium TAIHEIZAN _sakes_.

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