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Priorat Natur - Vermut
Priorat Natur - Vermut
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Priorat Natur - Vermut

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**IDEAL WITH**.. slightly salty or savoury foods. However, traditional accompaniments from this region are olives, nuts and clams. It is also great with fish or seafood. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, you can drink our vermouth as a dessert together with a chocolate cake. Drink it always cold. It can be drunk neat or with some ice cubes and an orange or lemon piece of fruit inside. In the Priorat region, vermouth has been the aperitif par excellence for nearly 100 years. We make our vermouth according to ancient recipes. It is an authentic vermouth. It is intense, full of aromas, sweet and with a bitter finish that makes it fresh. **Taste it and you will fall in love with it!** ---  From the producer: **"It is with deep respect for our traditions together with commitment to the best produce of our land, conscientious, constant and innovative work, and the illuision and the ambition to reach the best cuisines in the world, that we have achieved our dream:                   ** **Priorat Natur** Priorat Natur, S.L. was born out of the need to perpetuate a tradition, a way of understanding life which is intimately connected with the changing seasons and their effects on the vegetation from the Priorat region. In 1996, during a family dinner, we realized that many of the delights we were eating at that moment such as caramelized almonds, homemade jams and homemade olives were endangered. But what could we do to preserve these delicious products? Obviously, we could pass the tradition from generation to generation, but this is what we have been doing so far and it has not been enough. Unfortunately, these products are becoming less well-known by the new generations. Thus, what we had to do was to turn the tradition into a way of life and this is what Priorat Natur does. We try to preserve our best traditions in a professional way and place them at the disposal of the whole world.  In October 1996, we started testing in our kitchen at home and in April 1997, Priorat Natur began to work based in " Cal Quico's workshop", in Pradell de la Teixeta. All Priorat Natur recipes come from our family tradition, they are professionalized and optimized, and their raw materials are typical of the area. On the one hand, we have the olives and dried fruits which are part of our major crops and, on the other hand, we have the fruits which were traditionally prepared at home for own consumption.  With such a philosophy, we currently produce a wide range of products: extra virgin olive oil, olives, caramelised, roasted and salty dried fruits, jams, preserves, quince, sauces and an excellent vermouth. We continue working with great illusion in order to recover traditional recipes and produce new products. Thus, we make people really enjoy the pleasure of authentic products which have both origin and tradition. We invite you to come into the world of Priorat Natur, a world of sensations and pleasure!
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