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Weingut Ziereisen - 'Tschuppen' - Pinot Noir - Baden, DE - 2017
Weingut Ziereisen - 'Tschuppen' - Pinot Noir - Baden, DE - 2017
Load image into Gallery viewer, Weingut Ziereisen - 'Tschuppen' - Pinot Noir - Baden, DE - 2017
Load image into Gallery viewer, Weingut Ziereisen - 'Tschuppen' - Pinot Noir - Baden, DE - 2017

Weingut Ziereisen - 'Tschuppen' - Pinot Noir - Baden, DE - 2017

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​There are an interesting variety of aromas including lemony roses, dark plums, blackberries, dark cherries, and dark chocolate. Flavors are also an interesting mix of raspberries, blackberries, dark cherries, and a hint of chocolate. There is an elegant medium body but with a feeling of extra “fullness” along with perfect balance and acidity. Also notable are perfectly balanced tannins on the finish and a refreshing dose of limestone minerality throughout the palate and finish.

The variety of aromas and flavors also result in very extensive and versatile food pairings which would include Filet Mignon, New York Steak, Roast Beef, beef stew, beef stroganoff, veal chops, wild boar, venison, elk, duck, tuna, mussels, clams, shrimp, paella, cassoulet, Coq au Vin, pasta with meat sauces, charcuterie, Indian Tandoori dishes, chili verde, Mexican beef dishes, anything with mushrooms (Risotto, pasta, etc.), and mild cheeses.

The Ziereisen family winery is a prime example of many things that I look for at all of my suppliers. First of all, they are farmers first...which was immediately seen in their "wine shop" where far more space was allocated to displaying their extensive array of great looking produce than to displaying their wines. Secondly, the family respects the heritage of their land which also includes an extended family spanning four generations currently being involved in their operations. Thirdly, there is an amazing focus on producing the best wines possible as Hanspeter Ziereisen combines his encyclopedic knowledge of his vineyards with his extremely creative and meticulous winemaking skills to make wonderfully expressive Pinot Noirs, Weissburgunders, Grauburgunders, and Gutedels (Chasselas).
It is a fun place to visit too while tasting wine in the open courtyard of their family home. But Hanspeter then also showed his focus and commitment to what is most important as after graciously and patiently letting me taste a lot of his wines, he then said "well, it is time for me to go back to work" and he got up, walked over to a tractor, and headed back to his very hilly vineyards. My company has been privileged to import the incredibly authentic and expressive Ziereisen wines since 2018 but such diligence and attention to detail was well recognized in 2022 when Wine & Spirits magazine included the Ziereisen winery in their annual "Top 100 Winery" list.

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