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Weinreich - 'Weiss' - White Blend - DE - 2022
Weinreich - 'Weiss' - White Blend - DE - 2022
Load image into Gallery viewer, Weinreich - 'Weiss' - White Blend - DE - 2022
Load image into Gallery viewer, Weinreich - 'Weiss' - White Blend - DE - 2022

Weinreich - 'Weiss' - White Blend - DE - 2022

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Juicy, fresh and clean blend of Scheurebe, Silvaner, and Müller-Thurgaiu. Gooseberry, green apple. citrus all throughout. Ripping acid for the summer sips!!!


Weingut Weinreich lies in the Wonnegau district of the Rheinhessen wine region. With a Wonnegau address and a name like Weinreich (literal translation: “rich with wine”), your choice is pretty clear: dedicate your life to viniculture. And that is exactly what we’ve done. Although the reins to our winery were handed over to the young generation of winemakers in 2009, we have continued using the traditional methods that would have been well familiar to our grandfather. We are dedicated to utilizing environmentally sustainable practices in the vineyards, manual harvests, and minimal interventionist winemaking. This commitment allows us to grow wines that truly express the individual character of the Bechtheim vineyards. These wines tell the story of winemaker and origin — wines with a unique sense of place — yet they can only come when the natural conditions of the soil and vineyard are respected. We have consciously limited our collection, opting instead for fewer choices, a return to the basics, and clearer distinctions between the wines. Our focus is on 3 varietals: Riesling, Silvaner and Burgunder (the Pinot family). The building blocks of our collection are the Gutsweine, our easy-drinking, varietally true favorites. The Ortsweine shine with a mineral-based authenticity. They pave the way for the crown jewels of our collection, the Lagenweine. These one-of-a-kind wines are shaped by both their minerality and the character of the soil. Each glass is a master seminar on the terroir of Bechtheim’s top vineyards.

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