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Yucho - 'Kaze no Mori - Wind of the Woods' - Muroka Nama Genshu Sake, Nara Prefecture, JP - NV - 720ml

Yucho - 'Kaze no Mori - Wind of the Woods' - Muroka Nama Genshu Sake, Nara Prefecture, JP - NV - 720ml

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- Bright, fresh and lively - Notes of fresh berries and herbs - Natural effervescence from in-bottle secondary fermentation - Atkitsuho rice milled to 65% Fresh and bright, Kaze no Mori Nama Junmai bursts with vitality. Beautiful light aromas of fresh herbs give way to flavors of berries, and the entire brew is laced with a faint effervescence, the bubbles elevating the sake. The brewery’s naturally mineral-rich hard water gives the sake weight and depth to contrast the lightness of the style. Great for sipping before a meal but bold enough to stand up to all kinds of cuisine. Ancient varietal Akitsuho rice is grown locally exclusively for the brewery and milled to 65%. ... Yucho Shuzo is emblematic of the new energy running through breweries based in Nara, widely acknowledged as the birthplace of sake. While their history stretches back to 1719 in recent years under the stewardship of Yoshihiko Yamamoto, the 13th generation of the Yamamoto family to run the brewery, they have seen breakout success. Their Kaze no Mori line, made in a fresh and dynamic modern style, has been making fans of both sake connoisseurs and the general public, while their older Takacho brand is restrained and classic, a throwback to rich and big bodied sake from years past. They draw uniquely mineral-rich water from their own well, which gives all their sake a bold and defined structure.
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