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Zahel - 'Original Eigenbau' - Gemischter Satz - Vienna, AT - 2022
Zahel - 'Original Eigenbau' - Gemischter Satz - Vienna, AT - 2022
Load image into Gallery viewer, Zahel - 'Original Eigenbau' - Gemischter Satz - Vienna, AT - 2022
Load image into Gallery viewer, Zahel - 'Original Eigenbau' - Gemischter Satz - Vienna, AT - 2022

Zahel - 'Original Eigenbau' - Gemischter Satz - Vienna, AT - 2022

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Gemischter Satz, renowned for its unique blend, thrives within the urban confines of Vienna. This distinctive mix, featuring Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Traminer, and Chardonnay, is cultivated on limestone and sandstone terraces at an elevation of 330 meters, offering a panoramic view of central Vienna. Harvested simultaneously, this vibrant white wine undergoes co-fermentation to dryness, exclusively utilizing natural, indigenous yeasts.

This is MOM JUICE!

To us, winemaking is working closely with nature, using methods that leave our vineyards as untouched as possible. Seeing butterflies flittering in the rows, reminds of the beauty and complexity that results from letting nature be.
With this purity in mind, we use delicate craftsmanship, respect for tradition, and great passion to bring character and precision to each bottle of wine.
As winemakers, nature provides us with the basis for our craft and for that, we owe her a debt of gratitude. This is why we are committed to biodynamic farming in compliance with strict Demeter guidelines. We feel strongly that these practices not only produce better wine but will allow our vineyards to thrive for generations to come.
At Zahel, wine has always been a family affair. Although the Heurigen and winery have grown over the years, we remain 100% family owned and operated.
Alex Zahel is the 4th generation leader of Zahel, having been passed the torch by his uncle Richard. Since taking the lead, he’s proud to continue the tradition of ushering Vienna’s most charming wines from the vineyard to the bottle. As in the past, Richard works carefully to maintain the vineyards and manages the tradition steeped Heurigen. Alex’s wife Hilary works alongside her husband at the winery, supporting the team with strategic and creative projects. Together, this small yet mighty team ensures that the family business continues to grow.
Vienna, the world’s only city also classified as its own wine growing region, is home to distinctive, tradition-rich wines. Our 35 hectares of vineyards are distributed throughout all of the city’s main growing zones. The varied terroir of each region ranges from flysch sandstone to loess to Dolomite chalk and in concert with numerous micro-climates, provides a basis for world-class wines. In this unique sense, Vienna’s diverse terrain reflects the multi-faceted nature of city itself.

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